Exor launches Italy Seeds Program to back the most promising entrepreneurs in the country

Exor announces the launch of an Italy-focused seed initiative to support the country’s most promising entrepreneurs building the next generation of great companies. Exor Seeds (early stage venture arm of Exor) will invest in pre-seed and seed stage startups offering a €150K investment with an efficient diligence process, founder-friendly terms, and no board seat.

This new initiative is rooted in Exor's long, entrepreneurial history of innovation. Consistent with its purpose of building great companies, Exor will support young founders developing new and disruptive businesses. The program aims to unlock the vast potential of Italy’s growing technology ecosystem, enabling the country to play a role commensurate with the size of its economy and tap into its deep talent pool. We believe Italy is at an inflection point. Emerging success stories are beginning to feed other projects, strengthening the growing alumni network. Several Italian tech execs with Silicon Valley experience have returned to launch new startups and support younger founders. University programs are attracting more overseas talent. Several new pre-seed incubators to guide entrepreneurs have launched, including Exor’s own Vento program. Italian Tech Week and other events are bringing in founders and investors from across the globe and inspiring young entrepreneurs to dream bigger.

Diego Piacentini, Chairman of Exor Seeds: “Does speed matter in business? It depends, but it definitely matters when it comes to funding early-stage entrepreneurial initiatives. And speed needs to be coupled with the acceptance of the risk of failure because it’s this mix of courage and energy that will produce the next Italian unicorns. This is something the Italian entrepreneurial system has been lacking and Exor Seeds aims to change that.

Noam Ohana, Managing Director of Exor Seeds commented: “Italy’s start-up ecosystem is where leading European countries were 5-7 years ago, and we see this moment as a turning point. Attitudes and ambitions are changing. The quality of founders we’re backing is impressive. We invite any Italian founder building toward a big vision to get in touch with us.

If you are a founder, please reach out to us on the following website: www.exorseeds.eu

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