EXOR Annual General Meeting

EXOR N.V. announced that all the resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors to today’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) in Amsterdam were approved, including:


  • The adoption of EXOR N.V.’s 2017 Annual Accounts.
  • A dividend distribution of €0.35 on each issued and outstanding ordinary share, which will result in a maximum distribution of €82.3 million. The dividends will become payable on June 20, 2018 (ex-dividend date June 18, 2018) and will be paid to the shares of record as of June 19, 2018 (record date).
  • The appointment of Mr. Joseph Y. Bae as a non-executive director.
  • A renewed authority to repurchase ordinary shares on the market. This authorization will apply for 18 months from the date of the AGM, with the maximum number of shares repurchased not to exceed the limit set by law. The repurchase price per share will not be higher than 10% above the reference price recorded on the day before each transaction is made or, in the event of purchases carried out through public purchase or exchange offerings, at a price of not less than and not more than 10% of the reference price recorded by the shares on the stock exchange on the day before public disclosure. The maximum amount to be used for the repurchase of ordinary shares will be € 500,000,000.
  • The possibility for the Board to cancel repurchased shares held or to be held as treasury stock in order to optimize EXOR’s capital structure.

The voting results will be available on EXOR’s website (www.exor.com) in the next few


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