We are a holding company with a culture that combines entrepreneurial spirit and financial discipline.

Our purpose is to build great companies, while providing opportunities for our people to grow, make a positive contribution to society and deliver superior returns for our investors.

Great companies perform to the highest standards, are distinctive in what they do, act in a responsible way and seek out renewal and change.

To achieve this, we will stay true to our values of:

1. Ambition & Humility: We set high aspirations but remain grounded.

2. Curiosity & Focus:  We seek new ideas while prioritising what matters.

3. Patience & Drive: We take a long term perspective but are relentless in getting things done.

4. Courage & Responsibility: We take bold actions while being mindful of their consequences.

Our founder, Senatore Giovanni Agnelli, who started our journey back in 1899, left us a timeless vision:

"Above all we must always look to the future, foresee the future of new inventions, be unafraid of the new, and delete from our vocabulary the word impossible".

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