Partnerships form a small part of the Exor portfolio. In a partnership investment, we invest alongside an outstanding owner-operator who is aligned with Exor’s values and culture to help them make their companies great.

When considering a potential partnership, we particularly focus on:

Ambition: the presence of an owner-operator with a vision to create a great company;

Shared culture: whether the owner-operator shares our values and culture; and

Exor value: the value we can bring to the company from our entrepreneurial experience, expertise and network.


Founded in 1991, Christian Louboutin has grown to become one of the leading names in global luxury, world famous for its signature red sole women’s shoes. The company is also recognised for having successfully diversified its business into men’s footwear, leather goods & accessories and beauty. Christian Louboutin operates about 150 boutiques around the world.

Via is a technology company specialising in the dynamic, data-driven optimisation of public mobility systems. First launched in New York City in 2013, Via’s technology is now deployed in cities around the world, including in Europe as ViaVan.