The public markets team manages a portfolio of minority investments in publicly-listed companies.

In making these investments, we are prepared to be patient. We only deploy capital when we have conviction and we are willing to hold positions long term. We focus our portfolio on a small number of companies in the belief that marginal holdings can markedly dilute overall performance.

Our investment approach is based on:

  • Creativity: we maintain an open mindset, looking at issues from multiple points of view
  • Analytical rigor: we strive to develop a deep understanding of all aspects of our investments through disciplined, critical thinking
  • Probabilistic world-view: we avoid anchoring to a single outcome and look for asymmetric payoffs
  • Behavioural awareness: we consider sentiment and positioning in timing our investments
  • Capital preservation: we select investments where we believe there is limited downside risk


Canada-based Cameco is the world’s second largest uranium producer with operations ranging from uranium mining and exploration to nuclear fuel fabrication.

Ocado is a UK-based technology company which provides an end-to-end hardware/software solution enabling food e-commerce in some the largest markets globally.

Schlumberger is the world’s largest and most diversified oilfield services company with a strong reputation for technological innovation.