Press release

IFIL - Termination of the consultation agreement among Fiat stockholdersAugust 02, 2006

IFIL Investments, Assicurazioni Generali, IMI Investimenti and Deutsche Bank reciprocally agreed to terminate the consultation agreement among Fiat stockholders signed in June 1999.
Under the agreement, the signers were obliged, in the event of the total or partial sale of their stake in Fiat covered by the agreement, to inform the others in the pact and the Fiat Board in order to allow the stock to be placed within the signers of the pact or to identify other potential buyers. The agreement did not give rise to any legal entitlement and allowed the right to withdraw at any time.
IFIL wishes to thank the stockholders for the support given to the development of the Fiat Group, trusting that the same support will also continue in the future.


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