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IFIL - Proposal by the stockholder, IFIL, for the Juventus Board of DirectorsJune 14, 2006

Prior to the Stockholders’ Meeting of Juventus FC S.p.A. called for June 29, 2006, the
stockholder, IFIL, has proposed that nine should be the number of members fixed for the
Board of Directors of the Company, the majority of whom independent.
IFIL has thus proposed to appoint the following individuals as directors of Juventus FC
S.p.A. for 3 fiscal years, ending at the date of Shareholders Meeting approving the
financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2009,
- Stefano Bertola (non-independent)
- Jean-Claude Blanc (independent)
- Giovanni Cobolli Gigli (non-independent)
- Gian Paolo Montali (independent)
- Riccardo Montanaro (independent)
- Carlo Sant’Albano (non-independent)
- Marzio Saà (independent)
- Marco Tardelli (independent)
- Camillo Venesio (independent)
The curriculum vitae of the proposed directors who are currently not on the board of
Juventus FC S.p.A. are attached.

Giovanni Cobolli Gigli
Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, 61, graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Bocconi
University. After a initial experience in marketing with a multinational company in the
pharmaceutical sector, in 1973 he moved to Istituto Finanziario Industriale S.p.A. in Turin
(Investments Function). In September 1980 he joined Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri as executive
assistant to the CEO. He became General Manager of the company in 1984 and, after RCS
Group became a shareholder, in 1991 he was appointed CEO of the Rizzoli book area. In
1993, he went to Casa Editrice Mondadori as CEO of the parent Arnoldo Mondadori Editore
S.p.A. and held the post of director in numerous companies of the Group. As CEO, he played
a part in the listing of the company and in its growth in size and in the expansion of the
offering of the range of periodicals and books with the acquisition of Silvio Berlusconi
Editore and the majority stake in the Elemond Group (art, fiction, non-fiction and school
In November 1994, he moved to Gruppo Rinascente as CEO and General Manager of the
Group where he remained until July 2005. In the ten years at Gruppo Rinascente, he
developed a policy of international alliances (entry as a stockholder in the multinational
company Auchan in 1997) and investments, in particular, in real estate properties in malls,
hypermarkets, supermarkets and do-it-yourself centers and in commercial companies
operating in various regions of Italy. Between the end of 2004 and June 2005, the food and
non-food businesses of Gruppo Rinascente were sold to new stockholders. Cobolli Gigli
remained Chairman of the non-food company Rinascente/Upim until the end of July 2005.
Since 2003 he is President of Federdistribuzione, the Association which brings together the
most important names in large-scale food and non-food retailing. While President of
Federdistribuzione, he was Vice President and Director of Confcommercio, leaving this
position at the end 2005 over disagreement with the non-transparent management of the
Coboldi Gigli is also a member of the governing Board and Vice President of UPA
(Advertising Associates Board) and a member of the Board of Directors of Auchan, Alpitour
and ICE (National Institute for Foreign Trade). As President of Federdistribuzione, he attends
Aspen Institute meetings and institutional ministerial round tables and from 2005 is part of the
Strategies Committee for Competitiveness of the Lombardy Region.

Gian Paolo Montali
Born in Parma in 1960, he began he long career in volleyball by winning four Junior league
championships between 1984 and 1987. His victories include five national championships
(including one in Greece with Olympiakos Atene), a Champions Clubs’ Cup, (in 1995 with
Sisley Treviso), three European Supercups, four Winners’ Cup and three Coppa Italias. He
also won the World Cup title with Maxicono Parma in 1990, the year he was victorious in the
grand slam (five titles won in the same season: the Coppa Italia, the Winners’ Cup, the
European Supercup, the Italian Championship and World Cup.
Coach from 1998 to 2000 of the national Greek team and, since 2003, coach of the national
Italian team, he twice won the European Championship title (in Berlin in 2003 and Rome in
2005), in addition to taking second place in the Tokyo World Cup in 2003 and the silver
medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004.
In parallel with his carrier as coach, he has gained experience as a university teacher (in Milan
at Bocconi University’s SDA and at Cattolica University and in Parma at the local university)
and as a speaker at numerous training and corporate consulting courses.

Riccardo Montanaro
Born in Alba (Cuneo) in 1957, he graduated with a degree in Law from the University of
Torino in 1981. A lawyer specialized in administrative law, he began his professional career
first at the law offices of Prof. Marco Siniscalco (becoming a joint owner of the firm
“Siniscalco – Montanaro” in 2003) and later, in 2003, as the head partner of the law firm
“Montanaro e Associati”.
He has held numerous teaching positions: in the Environmental Law course at the University
of Torino in 1997-1998; in the Masters Program in the Environmental Expert course at the
University of Torino’s Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale in 1998-1999; in the
Environmental Law course at the Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale (Law
Department at Alessandria) from 1998 to 2003; in the post-graduate studies program (now the
Master’s program) in the Environmental Law course for the Law Department of Alessandra
from 1998 to 2004; in the Environmental Law course at the Politecnico University of Torino
from 2000 to 2004 and at the University of Torino for the Law Department from 2003 to
A speaker at conferences on issues concerning administrative and environmental law,
Avvocato Montanaro is also a member of the scientific committee of the magazine “Ambiente
e Sviluppo”.

Marzio Saà
Born in Biella in 1940, he graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the
University of Torino and received his Masters in Business Administration from the University
of Denver (Colorado, U.S.A.) and attended the Advanced Management Program at Harvard
Business School.
After joining the audit division of Arthur Andersen in Milan in 1964, he spent his entire
career in the multinational audit and consulting firm: after a period in the Newark (New
Jersey, USA) office, he took charge of the Milan office from 1976 to 1980 and later from
1986 to 1993, the year in which he was appointed head of Arthur Andersen operations in Italy
and, until 2001, was a member of the European Operating Committee. From June 2000 until
the end of his career in Arthur Andersen (in December 2001), he was responsible for the
Central Mediterranean Region.
A member of the governing Board of Assirevi (the association of Italian audit firms) from
1980 to 2001, he held numerous posts as a director in various companies. He is currently on
the board of directors of Parmalat (where he is also Chairman of the Internal Control and
Corporate Governance Committee), Same Deutz-Fahr Group, ING Direct, Erfin and ITS.
Since 2002 he has been teaching Accounting and Financial Statements at Bocconi University
in Milan.

Marco Tardelli
Born in Capanne di Careggine (Lucca) on September 24, 1954, he debuted in the professional
league at 18, in Serie C, with Pisa. After playing on the Como team in Serie B, in 1975 he
came to Juventus where he remained until 1985. As a player, he won five championships, the
Champions Clubs’ Cup, the Winners’ Cup and the UEFA Cup, a European Supercup and two
Coppa Italias. After closing a decade with Juve, Tardelli then went to Inter where he remained
for two seasons (in 1987 and 1988) before ending his carrier in Switzerland. With the Italy
National Team jersey, he played in 81 games and scored six goals. He also played in two
World Cups gaining fourth place in 1978 and victory in 1982.
As a coach, Tardelli began his career in 1998 at the helm of the Italy Under 16 team and two
years later with the Italy Under 21 team as the assistant to manager Cesare Maldini. In the
1993-1994 season he transferred to Como, in C1, bringing the club up to Serie B. In 1995-
1996, he coached Cesena, in Serie B, and then returned to the national team in 1997 as the
assistant to Cesare Maldini for the Italy Team. In 1998, he was promoted head coach of the
Under 21 team which won the European title on June 4.
Camillo Venesio
Born in 1953 in Turin, he graduated from the University of Turin with a degree in Business
Administration in 1977. After some study and work experience outside Italy, in 1978 he
architected the merger of Banca Anonima di Credito and Banca di Casale e del Monferrato.
The merger of the two banks gave birth to one of the principal private banking structures in
the Piedmont region, the Banca del Piemonte, in which Venesio holds the post of Managing
Director (from 1983) and General Manager (from 1990).
He is also chairman of the Small Banks Committee of ABI – the Italian Banking Association
– where he is on the Executive Committee, a member on the Board and, since 2000, Deputy
The representative of Italian banks on the European Payments Council (Brussels), he is also a
member of the High Level Group on Payments Systems in the European Central Bank
In 2003, he was appointed a Cavaliere del Lavoro.

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