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Revised first quarter 2014 results approved by Board of DirectorsJuly 07, 2014

Following the revised accounting of a portion of the acquisition of 41.5% of Chrysler made by Fiat and the related revision of 2014 first quarter results  approved and filed on July 3rd by Fiat, a Board of Directors of EXOR, chaired by John Elkann, was held today to approve its own revised first quarter 2014 consolidated results.
In detail, the revision results in a change of the EXOR consolidated net loss for the period, from €83.2 million to €38.1 million, and of the consolidated EXOR Group equity attributable to owners of the parent, from €7,316.5 million to €7,293.0 million. The financial position did not change considering the non-cash nature of the amendment.
The revised Interim Report at March 31, 2014 will be available on the Company’s web site, as well as at the central storage

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