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Appointed the savings shareholders' common representativeApril 27, 2009

The EXOR savings shares stockholders' meeting, held in third call today in Turin, appointed Mr. Giacomo Zunino as EXOR savings shareholders' common representative for the fiscal years 2009-2010-2011.

Attached herewith is Mr. Zunino’s biography.

Giacomo Zunino
He was born in Turin on July 11, 1932 and studied Economics at the University in Turin and since 1955 he has been registered on the “Albo dei Dottori Commercialisti” of Turin, being, since then, a professional accountant. He is also registered on the “Registro dei Revisori” and on the “Ruolo dei Revisori Ufficiali dei Conti” and is Commissioner of Gruppo Indesit and of Gruppo Cogolo. He is Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of several companies such as: Cemit Direct Media S.p.A., Consel S.p.A., Fondazione Antiusura CRT, P.I.S.T.A. S.p.A., SOIEM S.p.A.. He is also Standing Auditor of Fondazione CRT.

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