Press release

EXOR' s board of directors approves 2008 resultsMarch 25, 2009

Stockholders’ meeting set for April 28 (1st call) and April 29 (2nd call)

Total dividends proposed: € 0.3190 per each ordinary share, € 0.3707 per each preferred share and € 0.4580 per each savings share

Buyback program approved for a maximum amount of € 50 million


The EXOR board of directors’ meeting, chaired by John Elkann, held today in Turin, approved the consolidated financial statements as well as the draft separate financial statements at December 31, 2008 of EXOR (formerly IFI) and IFIL (merged on March 1, 2009) which will be submitted for approval to the EXOR stockholders’ meeting set for April 28 in first call (and April 29 in second call).

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