Press release

Completion of the Merger to form EXOR NV - EXOR NV debuts on the MTADecember 12, 2016

EXOR N.V. (“EXOR NV”) hereby gives notice that on 11 December 2016 the cross-border merger of EXOR S.p.A. (“EXOR”) with and into EXOR NV (formerly EXOR HOLDING N.V.) (the “Merger”) became effective. EXOR NV is now the holding company of the EXOR Group.


In connection with the Merger, no. 241,000,000 EXOR NV ordinary shares were issued for allotment to EXOR shareholders on the basis of the exchange ratio of 1 (one) EXOR NV ordinary share for each EXOR ordinary share (including no. 6,631,896 treasury shares).


EXOR NV ordinary shares have been admitted to listing on the Mercato Telematico Azionario organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (“MTA”). Trading of EXOR NV ordinary shares on the MTA commenced today.


The members of the board of directors of EXOR NV are: John Philip Elkann, Sergio Marchionne, Alessandro Nasi, Marc Bolland (independent director), Andrea Agnelli, Niccolò Camerana, Ginevra Elkann, Anne Marianne Fentener Van Vlissingen (independent director), Jae Yong Lee (independent director), Antonio Mota de Sousa Horta Osorio (independent director), Lupo Rattazzi, Robert Speyer (independent director), Michelangelo Volpi (independent director) and Ruth Wertheimer (independent director).


Today the board of directors resolved to appoint John Philip Elkann as CEO and Chairman.


The board of directors also appointed Marc Bolland as Senior Non-executive Director and appointed an Audit Committee (whose members are Marc Bolland (chairman), Anne Marianne  Fentener Van Vlissingen and Lupo Rattazzi) and a Compensation and Nominating Committee (whose members are Michelangelo Volpi (chairman), Alessandro Nasi and Robert Speyer).


It is further announced that Standard & Poor’s assigned EXOR NV’s long and short term ratings (respectively “BBB+” and “A-2”) with negative outlook, thus confirming the same rating and outlook assigned to EXOR.



EXOR N.V. is one of Europe’s leading holding companies and is controlled by the Agnelli Family. With a Net Asset Value (NAV) of over $13 billion, EXOR N.V. invests in global businesses primarily based in Europe and the US and actively participates in building its companies for the long term.

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